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Technology is changing everything around us, and it’s made lives excessively easier in every sector imaginable. The impact of modern breakthroughs is causing ripples of change in interior design too, with innovations that promise to bring designers, brands and consumers together like never before.


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How is New Technology Helping Interior Designers?

In the changing scenario of interior design, the use (and acceptance) of intelligent technology is growing every day. Right from making communication more transparent with live-streaming software to visualizing layout options with 3-D design software, designers and architects are making the most of the tools available today.

Soon, it may even be possible to explore life-like augmented or virtual reality environments, and build interactive “smart” houses that are fully integrated with the Internet. We’ve seen a lot of technological changes over the last 20 years, some of which seem to have leapt straight out of the pages of a sci-fi magazine!

Technological Solutions for Interior Design Professionals

Here are the latest software and applications that can make life easier for you:

3dp_fusion360_autodesk_logo#1 Autodesk

The company’s AutoCAD-based systems are popular design and documentation solutions in the fields of architecture, construction and engineering. It also offers BIM (Building Information Modelling) software to improve productivity, innovation and business benefits for design firms, and a huge range of other tools for every aspect of building projects – right from conceptualization to completion!

693443aab4218fa46debe126697b5fae#2 3D Spacer

This software combines the benefits of CAD systems and e-commerce, connecting users with brands offering interior design solutions. What’s unique about it is that it allows you to create various configurations of furnishings, appliances and equipment in a virtual interior environment. These can be shared with other stakeholders, and the selected items ordered online right through the system.

#3 Virtual Realitymain-qimg-192de954a61992fc1cb9818d2b4489fb

The simulation of virtual environments is set to become more affordable and realistic with advances in virtual reality. By allowing you to explore a near-lifelike computer-generated world in 3D, this technology opens up the doors for countless design and communication possibilities. It also reduces the risk involved in physically interacting with dangerous or impractical environments!

#4 3D Visualsfloorplan1

This lighting design software includes a host of cloud-based tools that allow you to analyze common lighting scenarios and geometries, as well as view photometric files for your project. It features powerful calculation and rendering engines that can accurately model illuminance gradients, and you can interact with the model in various ways to quickly make your lighting selection.

dm_logo_homepage#5 Design Manager

This is one of the first cloud-based tools created specifically for interior designers, offering a customized project management and accounting solution. It caters to the unique needs of interior design professionals, which cannot always be met by traditional systems. Over the last 30+ years, the software has evolved to keep pace with the changing industry demands as well.

#6 Openarch6375273055_788e3f95d4_b

Based on the philosophy of open software and hardware, this platform incorporates a digital layer that connects the elements of a smart home to the Internet. Occupants of an Openarch home can control its components with body movements or through the Web, track energy usage, and more. With the launch of the first prototype, truly smart homes may not be a dream for long!

When the right technology is paired with an intelligent design strategy, it’s bound to improve every aspect of a project’s lifecycle. Right from real-time communication and interior mapping to efficient project management, modern interior design software is set to knock down any obstacles standing in your way.

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