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12 Step Service Model.

Requirement Gathering
We personally meet every one of our Clients, introduce our company to them and work hand-in-hand with Clients to understand the complete requirements of your project.
Procurement Planning
At this stage, based on an analysis of your requirement, we propose feasible options and customized solutions that will help you acquire what you need.
Sourcing & Verifying
We provide complete sourcing, supplier/manufacturer verification, quality inspection, translation and import management services to manage the entire sourcing process.
Trip Co-ordination
As part of our co-ordination services, we also provide miscellaneous services, which includes assistance in planning your entire Itinerary with Travel, Stay, & local Transport in China for selection of products.
Project Co-ordination
As part of our sourcing and quality control services, we help you ensure that the entire sourcing process is a breeze, and at the end of it, you get the results you expect.
Quality Check
We have developed an elaborate quality control system suited to the industry which enables us to substantially reduce the risk of importing products from various vendors of China.
Container Planning
Consolidation of all materials, planning for export on basis of weight & cubic meter of the products ordered and accordingly arrange for containers to optimize shipping costs.
Container Loading
At this stage, we do container wise planning and management for loading of materials in the assigned containers. Our Loading team tries to utilize every CBM of the container at its best.
Shipping your goods to your destination is so important that you do not want to see any delays at this stage, especially after all the effort you’ve put into the procurement process.
We help our clients to provide them the doorstep delivery solution with utmost care for all the products in timely manner so that the project must sustain the given time line.
Installation Arrangement
After delivery of products, we will help you with any installation procedures. When needed, we can arrange for an installation team or individual technicians locally at the project site.
Effective Customer Care
In case of rare discrepancies, damage or any other issues, we help you solve them very quickly by co-ordinating with the concerned vendors on your behalf.
Service Model


In a highly competitive industry, product sourcing opportunities abound. That’s why we specialize in sourcing the best products at the most competitive prices. As far as procurement goes, we live up to our name, Khalifa Imp & Exp. We offer truly global sourcing solutions, from the Far East to Europe, with core supplier base in China. With reducing geographical limitations, a new set of challenges has emerged. From cultural differences to traditional business practices, the need for truly understanding the local has never been stronger. For example, in Chinese, ‘Guanxi’ is not merely a word that translates into business relationships. It signifies the personalized networks of influence that spell the difference between success and compromise. Working without the leverage of these trust networks often leads to misrepresented cost savings and quality complications. Detailed contracts with terms and conditions don’t help when you’re struggling to communicate your vision with a supplier. At Khalifa, we have translated these new challenges into fresh opportunities by leveraging years of local presence and people expertise.


Frequently Asked Questions by Clients to Khalifa Imp & Exp Trade Co.

Why should I opt China for the sourcing of material from China?

China is internationally known as the ‘Global Vendor/ Global Supplier’. Since China is exporting goods in big volumes all around the world hence the economies of bulk production give you a huge variety to select from as well as price benefit. The variety and range available in China is not visible in India, Europe or USA. So to avail the benefit of wide variety at good price you may opt China. The material available in china, meets international standards. Which helps in enhancing the beauty of any given project at a cheaper price.

What type of collection is available in China?

All types of furniture – whether it is Classical, Victorian, Neo-classical, Modern or Oriental and not just for residences but also for Hotels, Corporate Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Kindergartens etc. Furniture for the house includes kitchens, wardrobes, all soft furnishings like curtains, curtain rods, blinds, bed sheets, mattresses, cushions and accessories like paintings, artifacts, crockery & cutlery, lighting, flooring, kitchen utensils and electronic items. The Chinese market is the biggest market where one can get all variety of stuff from any part of the world at unmatchable prices. You name it and China has it. So why not go for the best when it is available at such ease.

I am a bit hesitant on buying furniture from China due to quality issues.

In China you will find all grades of furniture designed for developed, developing and under developed countries. Chinese companies are making furniture for American and European standards and at the same time they are also making furniture with no standard mainly for the African market. Thus the Indian buyer has the choice to buy furniture from any one of these suppliers. The quality of the manufacturers who are supplying for the African market & other under developed countries is highly doubtful as price is the only criteria for purchase. Being in China for past 7 years our company in China is in a position to guide you from where to source and which suppliers to avoid. There are different types of suppliers. Traders who go from India usually source from the cheapest market where the quality is suspect, to make maximum profits. Individuals who go to procure for their own consumption want good quality and it is widely available.

How long does it take for the shipment to arrive in India after selection during my visit to China?

It takes around 15 to 25 days from the time of loading for the shipment to reach India.

How do I make the payment for my purchases in China?

Overseas payment can be done directly via bank remittance or else you may pay us in Indian Rupees as per the laws applicable.


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