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How a Sourcing Specialist can help you Gain a Competitive Edge


International sourcing is not only a trend in interior design and architecture, but also a necessity in the competitive market today. The Chinese market is the perfect destination for countless goods, and a China sourcing agent who’s experienced at handling suppliers in China could easily become your best bet for business success.

What do you gain by working with a China sourcing agent?

1. You Get Exactly What You Need –1514969

Every design professional wants to stand out from the crowd and offer unique value to clients. There’s an endless number of Chinese suppliers offering everything under the sun, so the chances of finding that perfect item are much higher than in any other marketplace.

The trouble lies in getting suppliers to understand what you’re asking of them, and then delivering exactly what you expect. Sourcing agents take the guesswork out of it by offering customized solutions, closing the gap between what you want and what you get.

2. Exploring Affordable Art and Artefacts becomes Possible –1514938

Décor products and artwork can make or break your project, but their price tag might just be a deal breaker. Why go over your budget when the Chinese market is flooded with amazing products made by master craftsmen?

Of course, you need to find the right source to enjoy these cost benefits. A China sourcing agent can suggest the best suppliers for handcrafted sculptures, paintings, mosaics, decorative mirrors and much more, all at a fraction of the price you’d pay anywhere else.


3. Slashed Prices, with Good Quality –1514950-213x300

China’s reputation as a cheap “copycat” market is being replaced by a better understanding of its potential. Manufacturers in the country are focusing more on modern design and high-quality products today, while retaining the cost advantage they’ve always had.

With large production units, up-to-date technology, skilled manpower and affordable resources at their disposal, Chinese suppliers are able to offer the highest quality goods at the lowest price. The same advantage is passed on to you while working with a sourcing agent!

4. Enjoy the Best End-to-End Service –1514963

How often do you have the time to spare for looking up supplier reviews, price comparisons and quality standards for every item you’re buying? For a China sourcing agent, that’s practically a daily task, and they have a huge network of reliable suppliers for you to explore.

With the right agent, you get better end-to-end service at every stage of the procurement process. Right from initial negotiations and quality assurance with potential suppliers to shipping and delivery of your goods, there’s a specialist handling everything on your behalf.


5. Save Time through Direct Sourcing –1514944-300x296

When you’re working on a project, you may need furniture, lighting and decorative products quickly. Chinese manufacturing units are equipped for high output, so the delivery timeframe remains the same for small and large orders alike.

A sourcing agent regularly follows up with suppliers, to avoid delays. Procuring goods directly from suppliers also saves the time, money and effort involved in buying through local importers. You can find everything in one place, especially if you visit trade shows during a sourcing trip.

6. Offer Your Clients the Latest Trends 1514975-300x291

Chinese suppliers are always competing with each other to offer the latest designs at the best prices. Since raw materials and accessories are available locally, they can launch an entire range of products practically the moment a new trend starts making the rounds!

This makes the country a shopping paradise for designers and architects looking for trendy home décor, lighting, art, furniture, construction material and other supplies. With a sourcing agent who knows the market, you can access new trends in no time at all.


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