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Why should I opt China for the sourcing of materials?

China is internationally known as the ‘Global Vendor/ Global Supplier’. Since China is exporting goods in big volumes all around the world hence the economies of bulk production gives you a huge variety to select from as well as price benefit. The variety and range available in China is not visible in India, Europe or USA. So to avail the benefit of wide variety at good price you may opt China. The material available in china, meets international standards. Which helps in enhancing the beauty of any given project at a cheaper price.

What type of collection is available in China?

All types of furniture – whether it is Classical, Victorian, Neo-classical, Modern or Oriental and not just for residences but also for Hotels, Corporate Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Kindergartens etc. Furniture for the house includes kitchens, wardrobes, all soft furnishings like curtains, curtain rods, blinds, bed sheets, mattresses, cushions and accessories like paintings, artifacts, crockery & cutlery, lighting, flooring, kitchen utensils and electronic items. The Chinese market is the biggest market where one can get all variety of stuff from any part of the world at unmatchable prices. You name it and China has it. So why not go for the best when it is available at such ease.

I am a bit hesitant on buying furniture from China due to quality issues.

In China you will find all grades of furniture designed for developed, developing and under developed countries. Chinese companies are making furniture for American and European standards and at the same time they are also making furniture with no standard mainly for the African market. Thus the Indian buyer has the choice to buy furniture from any one of these suppliers. The quality of the manufacturers who are supplying for the African market & other under developed countries is highly doubtful as price is the only criteria for purchase. Being in China for past 7 years our company in China is in a position to guide you from where to source and which suppliers to avoid. There are different types of suppliers. Traders who go from India usually source from the cheapest market where the quality is suspect, to make maximum profits. Individuals who go to procure for their own consumption want good quality and it is widely available.

What documentations do I need to carry to travel on your programs in China?

All clients must have a valid passport and China visa to participate our buying trip program. A single or double entry visa is usually valid for entry within 3 month from the date of issue and will permit you to stay in China for a maximum of 30 days. Single or double entry visa requires a passport valid for at least 6 months and a blank visa page at least. Applicants should come in person or through a third party (e.g. travel agencies) to apply for the Chinese visa from Chinese Embassy / Chinese Consulates. Please allow 5 to 12 days for visa application approvals.

What is the best way to reach Foshan? How will the logistics work out including hotel, daily commuting and visiting the malls?

The most convenient way to reach China is via direct flight of 4.5 hours of flying time from New Delhi to Guangzhou (Spice Jet & China Southern Airlines). You may also fly to Hong Kong which is 3.5 hours away from Foshan. We shall arrange a cab from Guangzhou/Hong Kong airport to Foshan or from Hong Kong you can also come by ferry or sky limo. We will also coordinate for your hotel bookings with on corporate rates. For daily commuting and visiting the stores/ factories, we shall arrange a vehicle.

How much money should I take for per person to travel for 4 nights/ 5 days?

1500 to 2000 USD is sufficient for 2 people which will cover your airport transfers, boarding and lodging (air fare excluded).

From where will we get to select the furniture & accessories?

It is “Excella’s responsibility to take you to the right place for your selection. We at “Excella” have an experience of 7 years in China and by now we have a very wide market knowledge and big sourcing library hence we will take you to different malls and factories for your different requirements. We will provide you an experienced English-educated Chinese staff as your guide, translator & negotiator who acts on the clients behalf in their best interest.

Which all markets will I get to see in China?

Below is the list of different markets of China: 1. China Furniture Wholesale market / center in Guangdong is the World’s largest furniture market – It is covering a total area approximately 32.3 million square feet and it consists of more than 200 modern furniture building. The ”furniture wholesale market” has extends more than 5km long and was arranged by 12 rows and 20 streets. 2. The World’s largest lighting market – Residential, Hotel& Commercial Lighting like wall light, chandelier, hanging light / pendent light, outdoor lamp, lamp post and others. 3. Building Material market-Basin & toilet bowl, sauna & steam room, Jacuzzi, faucets & fittings, sanitary, tiles & mosaic, floor board, plaster ceiling, PU molding, kitchen cabinet, ply board, gypsum board, railing, wooden doors, glass, stairs case, marble & granite, shower screen, ceiling, wall paper. 4. Textile market Textile for upholstery and curtain. 5. Toys & gift wholesale market – Home decorative items, toy& gift 6. Watches wholesale market – Watches & clock 7. Replica handbag wholesale center – Replica handbag, purse and bag. 8. Clothing wholesale market – Clothing 9. Ceramic wholesale market – Handmade ceramic sculpture, décor and artifact 10. Plants, tree & landscape wholesale center – Plants, flower& landscape 11. Seafood wholesale market- Biggest distribution & wholesale center for fresh seafood and processed products in China. 12. Aquarium & marine fish wholesale center – offering marine& freshwater aquarium, UV light, air pump, fish foods, marine commercial filtration equipment and others quality aquatic products. 13. Pets world wholesale center – Live animals& food, toys, treats, cages, apparel, treats, fencing, pets accessories and collars for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits and smaller animals. 14. Kitchen supply & hardware market – All commercial kitchen supply, cook ware, pot and pans, hardware, pliers, generator, cable and uniform. In short anything you imagine is available in China.

Do factory compensate for damaged goods?

Generally, this is a rare occurrence as there are many redundant inspections performed by the factory, and finally by our staff. However, if something is damaged, a chip or scratch in a bedroom dresser for example, this type of damage is generally considered minor and can be flawlessly touched-up by a professional for just a few dollars. If the goods are damaged during shipment then the goods are insured so you can claim insurance. If the damage is of the nature that the part can be replaced, we will help you in getting a replacement. And in case of an incorrect supply of material we shall get it replaced.

How long does it take for the shipment to arrive in India after selection during my visit to China?

It takes around 15 to 25 days from the time of loading for the shipment to reach India.

How much Custom duty (tax) will I be required to pay on my shipment?

Import duty varies from country to country and is different for different type of goods. For India the current import duty is of 29.66% for furniture and accessories.

How does I make the payment for my purchases in China?

Overseas payment can be done directly via bank remittance or else you may pay us in Indian Rupees as per the laws applicable.

What are the terms of payment for my purchases?

Initially 30% of the order value is to be paid as advance to the suppliers to book the order and start the production and balance 70% is to be after the goods are ready. Full payment needs to be made for Customs & Clearing of shipment in China before export and shipping to India.

Do I need to return to china each time I want to place a new order?

Only, if you want to China is a spectacular country full of the latest wonders of the world. Each time you return to China (completely tax deductible) you will discover things and have adventures that will make memories that last a lifetime. That’s one of the greatest perks of this profession. However, if you choose not to come, as your dedicated “China agent” We can handle all your future orders by placing an order on clients’ behalf and handling all the import or export procedure for clients. Simply FAX or email to us. We will follow up your order directly and instruct our export staff to source new products for your approval, or place reorders from factories on your behalf.

In whose name shall the cargo be consigned to and who will be the importer?

You may import the consignment on your name otherwise we can also import the goods for you.

What is the freight charge for a 20’ / 40’ container?

For a 40’ container, the freight is around $ 1500 – 2800 depending on the shipping line freight rates INCOTERMS. For a 20’ container, the price is approx. $ 300 cheaper.

How do we install the furniture after receiving the consignment from China?

We have our installation team who are well trained to install any type of furniture arriving from China.

Can the furniture be ordered as per my measurement and requirement?

Yes. The product size can be customized as per your requirements. You can also select from the standard sizes available with the company.

How durable are the goods?

At Excella, we’re extremely stringent about the quality of goods, and that’s why we work with the best suppliers in the industry. Goods are as durable as the type of budget, supplier’s selection, materials, etc.

How soon can I get a price quotation?

Generally, it takes about 5-7 working days, after receiving complete details from the client.

Do you manufacture or source?

We don’t manufacture. We specialize as sourcing partners, and help you identify the best suppliers.

What is your pricing model?

We offer ex-factory prices first and then provide you with additional actual expenses.

How can you ensure the best quotes from suppliers?

We expect detailed BOQ with specifications of raw materials to be used, set of drawings, reference images and 3D views for us to get the best quotations possible.

Are products manufactured in China of low quality?

China offers a wide range of goods at affordable prices due to automation and efficient production system. However, the quality of a product does not depend on the cost but on the qualification of the workmanship. Through the many years of our presence in China, we’ve built relationships with suppliers and manufacturers who possess the know-how of producing goods to match required quality standards.

How can I be certain that the products that I order will match my expectations?

As a part of our service delivery model, we inspect the goods before shipment. We double check by sending you pictures and documentation, for confirmation. We ensure that the goods are manufactured as per the order specifications.