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Expectant or new parents imagine that baby-proofing their home is a matter of sacrificing beauty for functionality. However, you can easily marry the two, creating a home that’s both kid-friendly and stylish.

For instance, here are 5 ways make your living room a space that both kids and adults will love:

  1. What You’ve Got: Wood/Metal/Glass Coffee TablesWood MetalGlass Coffee Tables
    Since they’re at a height that kids can reach with ease, hard edges and sharp corners are a disaster waiting to happen.
    Replace coffee tables in the living room with kid-friendly options. Try using large ottomans or multiple poufs, in easy-to-clean materials or with pretty patterned/crocheted slipcovers. Place trays on them to create a flat “tabletop”, or opt for rounded tables in wicker, rattan or cane.
  2. What You’ve Got: Upholstery in Light ColorsUpholstery in Light Colors
    A white or tan sofa looks amazing, but kids are guaranteed to use it as a canvas, “painting” with food, dirt and who-knows-what-else.
    Redoing upholstery or buying new furniture is a heavy expense, and you’ll have to do it again when baby grows out of the spilling stage. Instead, use fitted slipcovers in printed fabrics to protect upholstered sofas, chairs and bar stools. Add personalized cushions which can be switched around when they get dirty.
  3. What You’ve Got: Plain, Boring FloorsPlain, Boring Floors
    Your little one needs space in which to play, and plain flooring isn’t exactly the most fun (or clean) choice.
    Large patterned rugs in natural materials are better than wall-to-wall carpeting or plain floors. They’re beautiful, durable, easy to clean and perfect for creating a play space in the family room. Pick colorful patterns that will appeal to kids, and use multiple smaller rugs if you don’t have space for a large one.
  4. What You’ve Got: Kid-Unfriendly Décor AccessoriesKid-Unfriendly Décor Accessories
    Porcelain figurines, ceramic vases, lamps and decorative glassware are home décor essentials, but decidedly hazardous for children.
    Living rooms tend to accumulate breakable knick-knacks and curios, and kids can’t resist pieces on low shelves and coffee tables. Place breakables on high floating shelves, and switch up accessible décor with plastic, papier mache, cloth and wooden items that won’t break or cause injury if they fall.
  5. What You’ve Got: Walls Designed for Grown-Upshome_gallery6
    Young children treat walls as blank spaces waiting for a makeover: Crayons, paints or food can be impossible to get off.
    There’s a wide range of washable wall paints available, and you can create sections for “art” with chalkboard, dry-erase, magnetic or cork treatments and low shelves for art supplies. While you’re at it, display some of their creations as wall décor, to make children feel welcome in the room.

When you’re creating a kid-friendly living room, fabric baskets, window seats and toy chests can help keep things organized. Remember, you don’t have to break the bank or give up on style when you’re making your home more kid-friendly, just spend a little time planning it right and consider turning to a sourcing agent for help.

As an experienced China sourcing agent, Khalifa Imp & Exp Trade Co Ltd., can help you find affordable furniture and accessories for a kid-friendly home. Get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to source what you need!

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